my own God

I bled my sanity when my faith slithered away, My sanctuary stumbled as did my freedom to a say, Oh, granted I was not the king liberating the astray, Or the knight of valour honoured of heroic days, But my bare feet could not ever saunter in my Almighty's bay, And I knew the world... Continue Reading →

reel; real

It's not even for you but we spoil ourselves, It's not even nighttime but we dream of dreams, Of land afar. Away from these ghastly hues, And our energies are overdue. But we live in the fear that you Someday; Someday will steal our fantasies under our foot, Someday will water our stems and not... Continue Reading →

fearing fears

"Fear is an ultimatum. It stops you. It takes away what's left of you, engage you in an unending suffering cycle of no possibilities. It's the end." Something which strikes me is how a small feeling of being afraid can lower the chances of someone to shine. Fears are very heavy on your mind. Not... Continue Reading →

flower; flower

You seek light to grow, You plant love the places you go, You profilerate warmth wherever you sow. You're a flower, honey. You seek roots to stand high, Your past blooms you even the lies, You are love engulfed in forever ties. You're a flower, honey. You shrivel down in gloom, You die in long... Continue Reading →

roses but no love

roses of lust Strolling along, the greens of wilderness, Gazing through beauty, call me a beautiful lioness. Roses doused in perfection, all bright red, Perfection of beauty, of long, Roses doused in magnificence, all unclean love, Appealing me, towing me. Down I go, but my heart hikes, Hikes of deceptive charisma. Gazing, gaping at it's... Continue Reading →


goodbyes no longer are you my or are you gone? your love no more, more left of you is deception, deceptive torture you carry in you. I fade a little, and now I am all dust, dusty air in our home, now some rust. no whisper, no sound in it, years and years of respite,... Continue Reading →

fam | ily

a day at a time.. A day at a time, Pouring my heart out, Sobs sound like hymn, My crippled soul crippling, shout. Eyes witness her bare red skin, Flawed with gloominess; her scars, Her tears mapping the injured road, down to the chin, No bright light in her sky; no stars. Suicidal she is,... Continue Reading →

open Heart; open Letter

The girl who I pulled the leg of.. Dear girl who I pulled the leg of, It isn't surreal. At all. Nor you're in dream. It's just an appreciation letter from a less appreciating girl. You're in misery, I see you struggle while you hold yourself when your body fails to. Those numb eyes of... Continue Reading →

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